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State Budget Reports Updated for FY 2022
FY 2022 State Budget : County Touchpoints
FY 2022 County Flexibility Language
FY 2022 JLBC Baseline vs. Executive Budget

Templates & Sample Schedules
OAG County Budget Schedules
Expanded County Budget Schedules 
Template Pension Funding Policy Language

County Budget Tools
FY 2022 County Revenue & Expenditure Report UPDATED!
County Finance Officer Guide 2021 UPDATED! 
State Shared Sales Tax (TPT) Distribution Chart
FY 2020 Estimated Highway User Revenue Fund (HURF) Distribution Chart  
Arizona Department of Transportation HURF Forecasts
Vehicle License Tax (VLT) Revenue Distribution Chart
County Expenditure Limit Primer
1% Constitutional Property Tax Cap: Background Briefing

Pension Funding 
Pension Overview Series Playlist:

Pension Overview Series Individual Videos:

  1. Pension Funding 101
  2. PSPRS Structure
  3. Plan Assumptions: UAAL & Payroll Growth
  4. Plan Assumptions: Repayment Method

Pension Overview Series Video Transcript

10 Things to Know About Public Safety Pension Funding – Oct. 2019
Public Safety Pension Funding FAQs – Oct. 2019

Revenue Distributions 
Arizona Treasurer Distributions
JLBC Monthly Fiscal Highlights

Arizona Population & Demographic Information
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July 1, 2017 Population Estimates
Bureau of Economic Analysis County Fact Sheets

State Budget
Joint Legislative Budget Committee (JLBC)

Arizona Tax Policy
County Tax & Economic Base Efficiency Analysis 
Arizona Tax Research Association (ATRA) Property Tax Explanation
JLBC Tax Handbook

Internet Sales Taxation
Online Sales: County Revenue Implications
CSA Webinar: Internet Sales Taxation