NACo Nexus


The NACo Nexus

CSA’s Commitment to Helping With NACo Involvement

CSA is committed to assisting counties in being involved with the National Association of Counties (NACo). NACo is the only national organization that represents county governments in the United States.  Founded in 1935, NACo assists America’s 3,069 counties in pursuing excellence in public service to produce healthy, vibrant, safe and resilient counties.  NACo promotes sound public policies, fosters county solutions and innovation, promotes intergovernmental and public-private collaboration and provides value-added services to save counties and taxpayers money. CSA is proud to declare Arizona is a 100-percent NACo state, which means all 15 Arizona counties are members of NACo.  For assistance with NACo engagement, please contact CSA Director of Finance & County Services, Penny Adams.

Some of the NACo activities CSA assists with are:

1) NACo Board of Directors Representative

2) Western Interstate Region (WIR) Board of Directors Representative

3) NACo Steering Committee Nominations

4) NACo Presidential Leadership Appointments

5) NACo Large Urban County Caucus Membership

6) NACo Rural Action Caucus Membership

7) NACo National County Government Month (NCGM)

8) NACo Board Resolution Process

9) County Leadership Institute

10) NACo Webinars

11) NACo Caucus Fly-ins

12) NACo Conferences

13) WIR Conferences

14) Meetings with Congressional Delegation

15) Federal Policy Areas

16) NACo Programs for County Communities (U.S. Communities Cooperative Purchasing Program; NACo Prescription/Health Discount Program; NACo Dental Program)

17) NACo Voting Credentials

NACo’s County Tracker