CSA Services

County Day at the Capitol 022108 053CSA Services
CSA supports elected county supervisors and professional staff in their efforts to deliver efficient, responsive local public services.  Accordingly, we provide a centralized, one-stop organization for county-focused advocacy, policy development, information and training.

CSA serves as the voice of Arizona’s county supervisors at the State Capitol.  During the state legislative session, we work with legislators and the governor to advance a proactive agenda to secure the statutory authorities and financial resources necessary to meet the needs of county constituents.  We also invest significant time and energy analyzing policies and proposals, testifying before committee, and working closely with lawmakers to influence the process in a manner that promotes county interests.

CSA also represents county interests in the state agency rulemaking process and is appointed to numerous ad hoc committees, gubernatorial commissions and agency advisory groups.

Policy Development
CSA creates a forum for county supervisors to discuss the challenging issues facing local constituents and to reach consensus on policies that address them.  Each fall, CSA convenes a policy summit to formulate its annual County Policy Agenda, a strategic plan for state and federal action. Over the course of the year, the organization evaluates and acts on other policy issues as they arise.  In all aspects of policy development, elected supervisors provide the leadership while CSA staff provides the technical support.

Good decisions require good information.  CSA is a resource for county officials and professional staff.  We create and disseminate accurate, timely information regarding policies, best practices, and comparative analysis.  We are always available to respond to requests for information.

Education and Training
CSA provides education and training opportunities for county supervisors and professional staff.  Trainings range from the basics of county and state operations to in-depth briefings with leading policy experts.  We also facilitate professional development opportunities for supervisors through the National Association of Counties.