About CSA

About-UsCounty supervisors provide regional leadership over critical policy areas, including policies necessary to ensure safe communities, protect public health, promote economic development, and plan and manage land use for sustainable development. County supervisors also provide important oversight of county operations, including overseeing strategies to promote sound fiscal management and to develop a high-quality county government workforce.

For more than 30 years, the County Supervisors Association of Arizona (CSA) has served as a non-partisan forum for county officials to address important issues facing local constituents, providing a mechanism to share information and to develop a proactive state and federal policy agenda.  CSA membership includes the 61 elected supervisors from Arizona’s 15 counties. The association’s efforts are strengthened by the involvement of top-level county professional staff, who provide technical expertise necessary to inform policy discussions.

All county supervisors serve on the CSA Board of Directors and provide input into organizational strategy and the evaluation of operational performance. Annually, the board elects six members to serve in CSA leadership positions on the CSA Executive Committee. Each county appoints a representative to the Legislative Policy Committee (LPC). The LPC meets as often as necessary to evaluate legislative measures and make policy recommendations to the full board.

The annual CSA Legislative Policy Summit will provide a forum for county supervisors to discuss top legislative priorities. Counties will consider and discuss the proposed county resolutions to be prioritized into short – and long-term public policy proposals and positions. Within these discussions, counties will prioritize the needs of its citizens and establish a lobbying strategy to maximize the value of the proposals that will be presented to the legislature.