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Register to Speak at the Legislature

The Arizona Legislature offers computerized access for anyone who wants to register support or opposition for any piece of legislation.  Initial registration for the system must be done in person at the legislature.
  1. Create a user name and password from any electronic kiosk located outside the committee hearing rooms at the legislature.
  2. Once your user identity is created, you can login from anywhere to register your support or opposition for a specific bill.  Simply visit the "Register to Speak" website.
  3. Enter your user name and password, then select the legislative body where your bill is scheduled to be heard.
  4. Find your bill by either entering the bill number, choosing the committee in which it will be heard, or searching by the bill's title.
  5. Select your bill, then insert the information requested.  Your name, title, the county you are representing, and any comments you may wish to add.  It is important to indicate if you are interested in speaking in the committee hearing!  "Yes" will signal to the chair of the committee that he can call on you, "No" will notify him that you wish to register your position without speaking, and "If Necessary" will often allow you the opportunity to speak if you choose to do so.

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